Monday, June 30, 2008

The Winner

OK Now time for the winner name!!!! But first I like to thanks everyone who came to visit I had a great time at the party, and made some new friends. Now were did I put that name , Breatrice what did you do with my paper???? You did what ? You ate it!, Now let me think who she was ...................................? Oh yes now I remember it was _____________________________________ Kimberlee of (Edgar & Edger ) I have sent an email now just waiting to hear back. Time to go to Bed .Hope everyone has a quite sleep.
Beatrice put that cat down ! No not in the __________________________oh no got to go bad witch , bad witch.
love Debb

Moon smiling

You would laugh too if you had seen what the Moon seen at the" MAd Tea Party "
Will draw the name out and put it on later tonight.

Not raining I need to go out and weed the flowers garden , my flowers are so pretty.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

ONE PICTURE That all folks

Will one picture is all it let me put on ,but here is tea set and box I'm giving away. I guess one picture is better then none. I like to thank everyone who stop by. It was fun.See you later

This is Miss Penny Pepper she guarding the tea set for the give way, Beatrice tried to take it now she mad ,hide. And Jerri Ann at http://commutersjournal said Steve lost his red shoe .Go look at it,I think maybe Beatrice has it( Bad ,Bad Beatrice)

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Let's start the Party

Sorry but my Party is cut short, we had a storm and my computer won't let me add any pictures .I'm lucky I got on the darn thing.But Beatrice the green witch has come to help me with the party. We pick out from all of my tea sets, (Peter Rabbit). Now here comes the Story teller, Magic the little girl fairy she just learning to fly,sweet pie fairy godmother. Betsy McCall, Saucy Walker,Linda Lee all my dolls I had when I was a little girl.The Karst fairy's have come up from the woods to be at the party.And more just keep coming . Will were off to see the other blogger site . Any way leave a comment I'm having a give away for what else???? A butterfly tea set in it's own home made box, very small just the right size for your fairy's

love Debb

Thursday, June 26, 2008

It'S a TeA PaRtY

It's a tea party,for Vanessa 200Th post. And it's not just a party it's much more .With Hats , crowns treats, fairies blogging friends,gowns,masked what ever you want to bring to the party.I 'm so later I didn't if I get everything ready in time but we see. She having a give way, and so of the other party goes might too.Go visit her and join at
Will see you at the party
love Debb

Saturday, June 21, 2008

First Award

Genevieve from Bella -Enchanted has given me my first award .She is just so sweet her self.So Now I;m going to pass it on to who have been nice to me

1 Genevieve


3.sherry http://


5 Lisa

6. Kelly

All have been very nice and always a kind word or two. There just all so sweet.