Friday, August 29, 2008

Wand swap

I receive my wand from my partner Kai but I can't get the picture on my blog. If you like to see her wand go to the side bar and hit( the party in Kais head ). It's an Halloween wand and journal.thanks love them. Working on a lot of Halloween, soon will have a web site up and running .There will be a door prize of Halloween items that I have made .The new site is call "Halloween Jingle Bells BOO!"And Aug 31 me and my DH has been married for 40 yrs.WOW I'm getting old, hum 40 yrs to him???????????????? He not really a joking persons , and he does think my art or dolls are just me playing.Will I guess we see when I get the site up.If no one likes what I make no problems I just give it away for Christmas or have alot extra for Halloween swaps. .That what I have been doing.Or just give it to Dominic and Harrison they think everything I make is for them.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Halloween Wand

The purple wand is what I made for my swap partner, it went to Kai at : and then there the WITCH wand .In all of those Black feather is a big crystal like diamond .Even a witch has to have a diamond! The wand holder is a candle stick painted black .The wand fixes right into the stick so well. Waiting for my wand to come should be next week some time.Will put it on the blog when it comes

Saturday, August 16, 2008


I finish my Halloween fairy doors and mailed them off, but I forgot to take the picture of them. And finish my swap for Atc cards and sent them ,and again didn't take a picture. But I finish the wand swap and did remember to get picture. My partner Kai,at the party in my head like her wand.I still have one more swap and she done , did I say she!!!!!!!!That all she wrote.

I won -Thanks

Krista and Sandy at had a give away on her blog and I won,see picture above .There was three big bagsfull.They having another give away for Halloween .So jump on your broom and get over there to sign up.
Thanks again for all the things you sent .

Friday, August 08, 2008

Halloween Fairy Doors Swap

OK I think I got all the partners out to everyone if not email me. Some how I got a few mixed up in my typing.I had been sick again fora couple of weeks and I stayed up late that night. Should have waited till the next day then I wouldn't have so many problems .What can I say SHOOT ME!!!!!!!!! If any of you have problem let me know and I will fix it I hope .Now don't say to many bad words it not nice,any ways I already said them for you.

I'm finishing up my magic wand for a swap should be done tomorrow, Mailed out the Christmas in July package today.Mailed of my fairy doors ,waiting for an address for my ATC cards there ready to go out. Then I have to finish my Halloween opera and the Witchy swap . I just about got my sweet and sinister swap done . And I'm back to baby setting again. Tamilia got a new job, if her X- husband would help out she won't have to work so hard. But he doesn't pay support and there letting him get by with it.She has to pay for everything. And she couldn't get any help because she just made a little over the guide lines not much through. That the way it goes.So that why I baby set but school starts next week.Back they go !st and 2 ND grade.and my days will be free till 3:00. will even of my sad story .I talk to much tonight . So if any one does have a problem let me know.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Breast Cancer Awareness

Learn more about the pink artist drawing for Breast Cancer Awareness & Reseach .
I made a donation right on her blog ,my aunt and cousin both died from breast cancer . So lets all help a little and make a donation,no matter how small.You can go to Sorry you have to type it in. I don't know why this doesn't work.The drawing is from Aug. 1- oct 15 when she will announed the winners on her blog,so hurry on over.

Friday, August 01, 2008

WINNERS Christmas Give away

And let there be pictures, I used custom random numbers for the drawing . And the winners are:NO.( 3 & 8 ) Sherrie -Symple/Tymes & KKjd1- Farmgirl'in Ga Style
I need you to send me your address. I would like to thank everyone who stop by and left a comment
I will be sending out partners for the Halloween Fairy door swap soon.Hope everyone is working hard on there doors .Got mine done and ready to go.
love Debb