Friday, May 30, 2008

Fairy Door swap

Hello everyone I forgot to ask if you want an international partner or not. Both doors should fit into a bubble envelope , so let me know.

sign up for the swap are:

1) ME!!!!!

2) Genevieve

3) Soticas dreams

4) Alisa

5) Rowan

6) Lolly

7) Papertrail bya paper lover



10) Kim

11) Nancy



14) Rona S.

15) Frances

16) AwtemNymf http://thefaeriewysperer.blogspot..c0m/

17) Tanya ( blog coming soon) Enchantments & Giggles

More to come , I hope !!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Fairy Door Halloween Swap

Here are three doors that I made a single, double and round.

I'm hosting a fairy door swap with the theme "Halloween".Think orange, black, witches, pumpkins, all things Halloween. The first door is copper ,the double door is paperclay and the round is a texture paper.

For indoor use only.

Doors can be made of any mix media, paper clay, cardboard, wood.

You will make two doors and have two partners.

Size of doors if round should be 4 1/2 ", single door 6"tall 2"wd, double door 6"tall by 4"

Sign up till July 31, 2008 : mail out date :Sept. 25, 2008

I will email you with your two partners names and address Aug.10,2008

Leave a commit that you would like to join, then email me at with your name and address and blog.

I will email you two partners name and address.

I will create a list of swappers for everyone to see. If you do sign up and then can't complete the swap, Please let me know.

Halloween has come and gone ,but for me it just Leger's on.

Thanks, Debb


This is the old witch hag Mrs. Pennypepper, I really don't like the look of her face may have to do it over. And I still may make her into one of my fairy witchy witch's and gave her wings to fly away.
Her hands and heads are paper clay,her body is a gourd,cover in paper. her blouse is a dollies painted midnight blue.. She holding her spell book, hair lamb fur ,she has a small hat out of paper.An old apron. she has a doll stand under her everything is glue so she doesn't loose any parts.

Vulture Buzz

This is a pin cushion I made really did need one .Think it just alittle different from everyone else pin cushion .I have a little bigger one for sale in my esty store. .His name is Buzz and it's a pattern by DonnaVeal of Moonchild's Primitives. He on a bobbin and the bobbin glue to a boxon wood.He has on his Halloween hat, he can holdalot of pins.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I like to thank Roxi for putting up the background on my blog that I won from her .Here her link : go take a look.

Sunday, May 11, 2008


And the winner for the drawing is " Jacque's Creative Corner

I like to thank everyone for stopping by and leaving a commit.
love Debb


just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Mothers day

Saturday, May 10, 2008


Harrison and Dominic gave there mother this hat for Mother Days.We change the Princess too "Happy Mothers Day We Love you .Harrison said his Mommy will give him a bunch of hugs and kiss when she opens her gifts. They also got her a necklace and a kit for your toenails from Avon.( Good thing I sale Avon)
This was for the swap princess hat but never could get a hold of her .So Happy Mother Days ,Tamilia.
Tamilia and the boys are taking me out to dinner for Mother days plus a small gift ,so sweet of them

4th July SWAP

This is 197 and counting

I'm thinking about a 4Th of July swap, It could be any thing you want to make for the 4Th of July. Still think but if anyone would like to join now just leave a commit and I get back to you.

Estate Sales

Will tonight is the night for the drawing .I like to than everyone who stop by and visit . I have add more to the box , so I hope who ever gets it will be happy.

I went to a couple estate sales and got 2 white oak chairs , beautiful for $ 40.00 they look almost new. And i got this cute tin and then in a bag got the 2 post cards, old Bobbie pins, vintage earrings a mirror and a button.,

Friday, May 02, 2008

Getting closse

" 195 "and counting down I;m getting close to 200 post. For my 200 post that will be soon I'm giving away a box of craft supplies . See to the right. 3 linen napkins , 2 bobbins , vintage jello tin , vintage ribbons ,a bag of everything bells ,butons, and more, a deck of cards that say we're not old we're vintage, a small rabbit, my angle cupid doll I made .You can scroll down and see her. I will add something everyday to the box. until time for the drawing . Leave a commit from now till may 10 th. I will draw on the 10 that night at midnight .I can 't believe that I have written this many blogs enter . Didn't know I had it in me.
I love to do swap and meeting new friends and my old friends .
So just leave a commit and good luck to everyone.
I went to a sell today and got a box of wooden bobbins .If anyone would like some just email me and I give you a good price . Also got linen to take to the doll reteat at Sherry Goshon in Sept.
O.K. got to go the boys are shouting there hungry think I make them walk the plank too.
love debb

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Long Time at sea

I'm been at sea to long , at the bottom is the swashbuckler Soiree picture . Now how it down there I don't know so here I have two and I'm tired need some sleep. Until we meet again but watch out you never know who you might run into they might have some big guns on there ship .
here a coulpe of jokes
1)what a pirates favorite socks?answer arrrgle
2)how do pirates make there money? answer by hook or by crook
Captain pink hearted Debb go visit her blog and see the other pirates who are playing at the party, me hearties

Treasure Map

Long ago Captain Pink Hearted Debb found a treasure map of Blackbeard's. Now we don't want him to know . She sailed the ocean blue with her crew of woman to find the buried treasure. Brings your shovels, gun and sword you never know who might be there .But be ware ye who enter may not come back.Now hands off the treasure for it's captain Debb. you get 10% and Debb gets 90% not fair I make you walk the plank or cut out your hearts.That better yo ho mateys we almost their I can't wait to see what in the chest!!Were here now follow the map dig , dig my mateys dig. Blackbeard you dog ,there is no treasure .Back to the ship me hearties. We sail again in the open sea, what your hungry? Next your going to tell me you have to go to the bathroom. You got to be kidding!! Some pirates you are, o.k. we stop at the next stop for food. But you should have went to the bath room before we left. Your luck I don't make you walk the plank. but since you are my mother I won't. Yo ! Ho! it's a pirate life for me.See you on the open sea . Captain pink hearted Debb Yo Ho blow the men down

Pirate Pictures

Pirates Hats

Ahoy mately's , pirates hats are only to be worn by offical bona fide pirates. You are a bona fide pirate?If so come aboard and try on a pirates hat that you like
Now you need to talk likea pirate, ahoy,ahoy matey,ahoy me hearties, all hands hoay , shiever me timbers ,blow me down , aye, booty, buccancer bucko, crow nest, davy jones locker, dead men tell no tales, feed the fish, hornswggle, man of war , rum,seadog,their she blows, walk the plank. Ok. are you ready now?
Do not go gentle into the good night ,rage, rage, against the dying of the light.

Aye me matley meet the captain I like to sail the seven sea with : Captain Jack Sparrow


I like for you to meet some of me hearties lassie shipmates, Anne Bonney,Mary Reed, Grace O'Maley, ladt Killigrew, Mary crickett ,Charlotte de Berry, ChenyI Sao,Jacqotte Delahaye.

Back in the pirates days a kiss from a woman pirate generally meant a kiss of death . ARGH! me hearties

IT's A Pirate Life for me

It's time for a pirate party me hearties at : I like to thank Donna for letting me come to her "Swasbuckler Soiree" Now all of you horn swaggle lets start the party .I'm jumping ahead of this

Swasbuckler Soiree.