Thursday, May 01, 2008

Treasure Map

Long ago Captain Pink Hearted Debb found a treasure map of Blackbeard's. Now we don't want him to know . She sailed the ocean blue with her crew of woman to find the buried treasure. Brings your shovels, gun and sword you never know who might be there .But be ware ye who enter may not come back.Now hands off the treasure for it's captain Debb. you get 10% and Debb gets 90% not fair I make you walk the plank or cut out your hearts.That better yo ho mateys we almost their I can't wait to see what in the chest!!Were here now follow the map dig , dig my mateys dig. Blackbeard you dog ,there is no treasure .Back to the ship me hearties. We sail again in the open sea, what your hungry? Next your going to tell me you have to go to the bathroom. You got to be kidding!! Some pirates you are, o.k. we stop at the next stop for food. But you should have went to the bath room before we left. Your luck I don't make you walk the plank. but since you are my mother I won't. Yo ! Ho! it's a pirate life for me.See you on the open sea . Captain pink hearted Debb Yo Ho blow the men down


Donna O'Brien said...

I love the bathroom comment. I hope there are plent on the ship as we have quite a few swashbuckler-ettes!!

Dorian Fletcher said...

Isn't there a port-a-potty onboard?

bluemuf said...

What a fun post. Enjoy the party.