Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Baby fairy,MUD & GRANDSONS

This is a picture of a sleeping baby fairy I'm doing ,she still needs her ears and hands. Can't make up my mind on the hands yet.The picture not to great because of all the glitter she has on.Her wings are made of paper, face and feet are paper clay.Her round body is a paper pumpkin. I'm also doing an elderly to watch after her.

This is a picture of the two grandson Dominic and Harrison.They went out to play and I told them not to get in the "MUD".Now who in there right mind would tell a 7 & 6 Yr old
not to get in the mud.Will they came in cover in mud.Here they are in the muddy back- hoe bucket. But don't the look so sweet? Will today they went and I didn't tell them that,but Harrison came in and said you can't trust me , he the 6y old .We never know what he going to say.And right now they got my son out there building afire in the fire pit.Boy can the twist there uncle and papa around there fingers,I'm the one that also say NO!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


In the snowman swap from Kai she sent me a small book of Christmas. In it Crafts & Tips for Christmas 1)the number one hint to keep in mind is take it easy. Don't over e
extend yourself, and try to enjoy the Holiday's season.

2)Make a list of expectations for the holiday season and hopefully you'll be pleasantly surprised.

3)Think about who you want to buy presents for .me, me, me me, just joking. Make a list and start thinking about the type of gifts you want to get .Sometime the smallest thing, like cards can mean the most to show others you care.

4)If you are a baker, choose few recipes and invite friends and family to help you out in the kitchen .If you don't bake buy some festive foods at the bakery or grocery store but make a list first of what you want before you head outside.

5)Have a look at holiday decorations that are in their usual box and determine whether or not they belong in the trash can or on /around the house If you need new ones go get some or better yet make them with friends and family.

More tips to comelater.

Monday, December 08, 2008


The winner for the stocking and all the extras is: Carla at With Needle & Thread .She also has answer ever question right so far.Thanks everyone for entering my drawing . I making Christmas gifts for the family need to get myself in gear.

Monday, December 01, 2008


Here is the socking and some of the gifts
that are in it.One Snowman that won't fit in it and a big tin with a cookie.Ribbon and lace,A key,Red bird,Snowman jingle bell,and more.Many still find some more to put in it.Have put a couple of pictures on my new HalloweenjinglebellBoo.A snowman and a Christmas bear. Take a look will be adding a skull that I'm doing in a swap.And still have two more things to get done.So leave a commit for the drawing to WIN.

New fun question What men's grooming appliance became a sled for Santa in the commwercials of the sixties?This should be easy.If you look at the snowman that I made on my other blog I think it looks alot like the snowman in thecommercials.