Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Baby fairy,MUD & GRANDSONS

This is a picture of a sleeping baby fairy I'm doing ,she still needs her ears and hands. Can't make up my mind on the hands yet.The picture not to great because of all the glitter she has on.Her wings are made of paper, face and feet are paper clay.Her round body is a paper pumpkin. I'm also doing an elderly to watch after her.

This is a picture of the two grandson Dominic and Harrison.They went out to play and I told them not to get in the "MUD".Now who in there right mind would tell a 7 & 6 Yr old
not to get in the mud.Will they came in cover in mud.Here they are in the muddy back- hoe bucket. But don't the look so sweet? Will today they went and I didn't tell them that,but Harrison came in and said you can't trust me , he the 6y old .We never know what he going to say.And right now they got my son out there building afire in the fire pit.Boy can the twist there uncle and papa around there fingers,I'm the one that also say NO!


AwtemNymf said...

Ohhh Debb- that plumpkin of a faerie looks adorable! C U T E!!!
Happy New Years hun!

vivian said...

Hi Debb, your grandsons are cute! and your little fairy looks like it will be perfectly sweet when finished! happy new years!

Jeanne said...

How adorable! The baby Fairy and your grandkids! Wishing you all the Best in 2009!