Friday, February 29, 2008

Freebies Rabbits Image

I love this vintage Rabbits Images


For this swap it's about spring each swap package must include two vintage /thrifted item or one vintage and one homemade item. This is a secret partner swap. Sign ups end March 1, so hurry . Also have to answer this question for my partner.
a)What your favorite part of spring. When the flowers start to bloom and the birds come out.
b)what are your favorite flowers . I like almost all flowers tuplis, angel trumps
c)What types of hobbies/crafts do you enjoy. I love making my fairy's ,witchy-witch's and more
d)What type of vintage do you collect. I like tins,tin signs, cake molds ,Santa Claus, Rabbits, Vintage Halloween anything with a vintage look.
e)Any allergies or things that you absolutely can't stand . Yes I have allergies to strong smelling flowers, perfumes,no candle with a strong smell. About the only thing I can stand is vanilla .
this swap is be hosted by Vintage Indie


Here are the Easter rabbits and chicks I have made for swaps.One little baby duck , a little boy duck and girl.The rabbit pulling a cart isn't finish yet I'm dry brushing it.The big chicken needs so more glitter and the rabbit behind him is all glitter.My big rabbit is wearing a 1930 baby doll slip she mine to keep she is made out of gourds, paper mache useing fiber paper. Her little basket is a gourd that holds 2 carrots.

Saturday, February 23, 2008




This are the Wee Little Rabbits I made a couple a years back.
she having a 100 post give-away for a blog banner so hurry on over there.

Thursday, February 21, 2008


Monica at is having a Easter swap 2 partner's this is international go see Monica. Where having another ice storm they let the children out of school early today and no school tomorrow. If my daughter can get out of the drive she will go to work .If not she home all day with them. there really sweet little devil's .I call Harrison a little monkey he climbs every where. I hope everyone else is not having much snow or ice . I'm off to rest for awhile bad headache.And looking at the computer don't help. See you.


cute little chick's

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


I'm been working on some Easter bunny and chicks when I get them done I'll post . Still haven't find a picture of the big rabbit I made .When I do post it I going to show the little rabbit couple I made. so keep a look out for them. Will I guess I'm done for now. See you! Debb


The swap is at email her at
This for a Kentucky derby hat , Should be fun. Now I want a "BIG CROWN"
I posting about giveaways today for Lorranine at

she has her( 100 post giveaway) sign up until feb.23 at 11:59


April of her giveaway is till march 10.


And Colleen of Merry Wishes& Vintage Dreams is having a giveaway at


Tuesday, February 12, 2008


I got a pink goose feather tree for my birthday, not alot of valentine on it. But I do have alot of Easter I can put on it. There were no bad news from the doctors. ,with that behind me I'm so glad.

It's an ice storm out there today . My daugther thought she could go to work. I told her she never get out of the drive but would she believe me NO!!!! And did she get of the drive way NO!!! I walk over to her place to baby set and you think I was ice skating. Bad out there I'm staying in the house nice & warm , and I'm not skating.

Boy I have had a lot of visit from , Ireland, Australia, Netherland, Germany, India, Hawaii, in the states Oh, In. (my state) Fl. ,N.J., Ca, Michgan, Georgia ,Az, Tenn, Colorado, Iwoa, .This has been such a great group of woman . Hope alot of you come back and see me again. MY PRETTY TYREE

Friday, February 08, 2008


I like to Thank everyone who stop by the blog .It was a great turn out and hope to do it again next year if Lisa has it. The witch hat magical throw out three name

1.Dolly,My Cherry Heart

2Michelle ,Back Through Time

3 Susan Days too Short

I need your address so I can get this in the mail. It been fun . Love you Debb

Wednesday, February 06, 2008


Here is a nother prize for the drawinga Valentine haning note card


Here is one of the prize for the giveway .It's a hanging heart done in lots glitter ,red ,white ,and pink, hearts on it. A small red pocket for those love letters or just postcards.

Saturday, February 02, 2008


I 'll be tagged by Patty La valley and her sisiter it's the strangest doll creation that I have made .Write a short paragraph then tag 5 peeps of your goes . The strangest doll creation would be my 6" ft Rabbit and my green witch ,who sets in the kitchen .she has a new broom that makes her happy. The rabbit a funnylooking thing I made the pattern myself .I put him out every Easter .Sometimes I have his hand up like he telling you hi. I 'take a picture of the rabbit and witch together and try to put it up later.I off to bed ,have to baby set tomorrow or today as it is .
Oh I almost forgot 5 peeps and they are :

1 Vivian
2.Debra S.
5. kathy

you been tagged now your turn and no tag backs. My friends also want to tag me back


I'll be by