Tuesday, February 12, 2008


I got a pink goose feather tree for my birthday, not alot of valentine on it. But I do have alot of Easter I can put on it. There were no bad news from the doctors. ,with that behind me I'm so glad.

It's an ice storm out there today . My daugther thought she could go to work. I told her she never get out of the drive but would she believe me NO!!!! And did she get of the drive way NO!!! I walk over to her place to baby set and you think I was ice skating. Bad out there I'm staying in the house nice & warm , and I'm not skating.

Boy I have had a lot of visit from , Ireland, Australia, Netherland, Germany, India, Hawaii, in the states Oh, In. (my state) Fl. ,N.J., Ca, Michgan, Georgia ,Az, Tenn, Colorado, Iwoa, .This has been such a great group of woman . Hope alot of you come back and see me again. MY PRETTY TYREE


Back Through Time said...

It is not as much ice here but a mix and the roads are a mess!! Glad you get to stay in.
I got my package today from you drawing and it is SO cute!! Love the little heart on a stick.
Thank you and I am glad I was one of your winners!
Keep cozy, your fellow Indiana blogger,

Morgan Leigh said...

:) Hey, thanks for the valentines gifts.

Susan said...

Love your tree.