Saturday, February 02, 2008


I 'll be tagged by Patty La valley and her sisiter it's the strangest doll creation that I have made .Write a short paragraph then tag 5 peeps of your goes . The strangest doll creation would be my 6" ft Rabbit and my green witch ,who sets in the kitchen .she has a new broom that makes her happy. The rabbit a funnylooking thing I made the pattern myself .I put him out every Easter .Sometimes I have his hand up like he telling you hi. I 'take a picture of the rabbit and witch together and try to put it up later.I off to bed ,have to baby set tomorrow or today as it is .
Oh I almost forgot 5 peeps and they are :

1 Vivian
2.Debra S.
5. kathy

you been tagged now your turn and no tag backs. My friends also want to tag me back


Sandy said...

LOL! I've got to see your rabbit creation! Come on over to my blog xoxoSandy

kathy said...

OK. girl, will do the tag not much of a sewer but , will hunt down the gourd dolls pictures -- used to make rabbits -- cats etc .. very funny painted --
ALSO -- I will be praying for you as you go into the hospital , will look forward to seeing you back on your blog real soon and feeling wonderful . == Kathy _ GA

vivian said...

ok.. this will take some thought! If I dont do this in a couple days remind me! OK? looking forward to the pictures of your rabbit and witch!

barbara burkard said...

go see something at my blog...just posted...


kathy said...

ok finally found pics they are pretty funny ,now need to scan - Hope you are well - Kathy