Thursday, January 31, 2008


Don't forget about Lisa one world event at where you can meet new friends and win a gift from each blog. I will have 3 gifts to give away,and I can't get the blog to put up the pictures .
I'll had some many visiters so I guess I better tell them what I'm giving away. You never know they might not like them. A big VALENTINE HEART with some vintage small cards, and a Vintage Heart mold small , glue together , lots of glitter, and a small hanging Valentine note card . Hope everyone likes them. A big snow strom just started here in IN. We won't be able to get out of the drive tomorrow .And electric might be out just have to waitWe have a four wheel drive but on ice sometime it can be trickie.Will the boys will love be out of school so they can be pull in there sled. Not by me I'm staying in where it warm. I no fool, and maybe my kids would say now are you sure??????

I'm still going in the hosptial Monday but I will be back to draw the names. They have change the time on me to 10:30 instead of noon and I 'm glad to get it over with . GOOD LUCK to everyone who has sign up .

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Hanging Valentine swap

Everyone has told me how much they like my banner it was done by Kris at : She such a sweetie take a look at her work on her blog.

I will be going into the hospital on the 4 of Feb. Not sure yet what going to happen so if I'm not out by the 6 for the drawing I will draw as soon as I get out. I'm hoping it not bad news . Guess I find out on the 4 . I like to Thank everyone for wishing me a Happy Birthday even if I was in the hospital having test all day. Dominic and Harrison both had to get me a cake . Dominic got a choclate of course and Harrison got a Ice Cream cake
I will put up some more of my swap later . Still have the fairy doors ,hanging Valentine, and the Valentine Goodie swap.I can't for some reason put pictures on here tonight so I guess I'm done for now. Need to clean up my work space.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Freebie Vintage VALENTINE 's Cards



Saturday, January 19, 2008

Valentine Swap

Here is the Valentine I sent to MICHELLE It about 16x16 done in paper mac ha and glitter. The vintage shoe stretcher has small hearts and are red.I made her a fairy godmother head & hands are paper clay, and a lot of goodies. It her BIRTHDAY the 13 of Feb. So I sent her a vintage pink dog I got at the antique store ,love them places.And I also have e a heart valentine going out to RACHEL It was a smaller one , I give one thing away on her .DOMINIC is a BIG 7 Sunday. And then my birthday is Monday And I will be at the hospital having test for most of the day. Still be sick. So I need to get to work on my swap maybe in the hospital in a week or so.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Swap and GIVEWAY

Lisa at" Heart of the Nest "is hosting a blog wide give away.The idea behind this is for blogger to get together from around the world. If you would like to participants in this all you have to do is to go to Lisa at and sign up. OK for me I will be give way 2 -3 prize for Valentine Day. I will draw names on FEB .6, so everyone can have there gifts before Valentine . All you have to do is leave me a comment and I will draw a know out of a hat.( he he)First I have to find a hat,or make one . I guess I could use my witch hat.The badge is to the side at the top for this give way.


Next is the Easter Basket Swap, hosted by Bella-Enchanted this should be fun one partner . You fill a basket of goodies like craft supplies,rabbit, chick, one homemade item. Last day to sign up is Feb.20. email or

Sunday, January 13, 2008

DEVIL MAN / Vintage Heart Valentine Swap

Will for so reason or another( I guess me) I couldn't get all the picture to unload the last time. So here is the other one and he does have some glitter on him he has to look good!. I just did a swap for Vintage Valentine Heart Swap my partner is Michelle Cumming she likes what I like what a sweetie. I have herValentine package ready to mail. After she gets it I will be it up on my blog. Just one thing I will tell, I felt like I was back in school . All the glitter and when I was putting on the final touches was everywhere.I was trying to get it back in the bottle when the tissue paper I had it on got a hole. It was all over the bed and I was trying to get it up before my husband came in to go to bed. Will when he got up the next day no Glitter . Just hope she likes likes it.


Looking for LOVE

This is the Little Devil man is made out of paper mach he has a little tail ,and a small butt so cut, black yarn around arms and legs. His hat is paperclay,his bow tie is leather. His sign say looking for love ?Quess I should put him on my esty store maybe he find the love.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Friday, January 11, 2008

I made this ceramic valentine for my daughter back in 81 when she was 11. But I still have it. I guess she didn't like it

Karst Fairy

This are my Karst fairy's they are a small fairy . Karst meaning an underground cave made of limestone.This fairy's live in the hills of Williams behind Debb's house ( me) in the caves back in the woods, There are magical doors which lead into there villages. Be a Fairy make MAGIC!!!!!!!!!!!!! Meet Gingersnap ( age 800) , Grand Pa( 1000) and still loves a beer, MoonStar (still young at 500)

Sunday, January 06, 2008


I had to hard plastic dolls that one done over Saucy Walker and a Besty McCall put back together. Now the Saucy walker i sent her the doll. She was suppose to get back with me on a price . It needed cleanig, new eyes and one foot glue back on . Yes I could have done it. But I didn't have the tools at the time. She never did get back and after a while about a year I think she told me the doll was done.And it would be$ 265.00 I told her I pay half and the rest later I did get it paid off and when see sent the Doll back I don't think it even my doll I think she got it off ebay. Because the foot should have show just an hair line crack or were it was fix. Then my Betsy doll fall apart after I got it. I wrote her and told her I what a bill telling me everything as he done to the walker doll, and McCall broke .will she said she send me the part, and a bill she never did . So I made my own part . I hope no one ever use her Dolly hospital. . It at Please don't use her.!!!!!!!!! And I will write her and tell her I put this on my Blog.