Sunday, January 06, 2008


I had to hard plastic dolls that one done over Saucy Walker and a Besty McCall put back together. Now the Saucy walker i sent her the doll. She was suppose to get back with me on a price . It needed cleanig, new eyes and one foot glue back on . Yes I could have done it. But I didn't have the tools at the time. She never did get back and after a while about a year I think she told me the doll was done.And it would be$ 265.00 I told her I pay half and the rest later I did get it paid off and when see sent the Doll back I don't think it even my doll I think she got it off ebay. Because the foot should have show just an hair line crack or were it was fix. Then my Betsy doll fall apart after I got it. I wrote her and told her I what a bill telling me everything as he done to the walker doll, and McCall broke .will she said she send me the part, and a bill she never did . So I made my own part . I hope no one ever use her Dolly hospital. . It at Please don't use her.!!!!!!!!! And I will write her and tell her I put this on my Blog.


Needle Pulling Thread Designs said...

Thanks for the tip Debb. Sorry you had so much trouble fronm this lady and oh my I was shocked at the price she charged you! I made a note of her website and will pass the info to my doll club!

vivian said...

thats too bad Debb. what a shame. Some people are just not honest. how are the dolls now? you should post their picture!