Friday, January 11, 2008

Karst Fairy

This are my Karst fairy's they are a small fairy . Karst meaning an underground cave made of limestone.This fairy's live in the hills of Williams behind Debb's house ( me) in the caves back in the woods, There are magical doors which lead into there villages. Be a Fairy make MAGIC!!!!!!!!!!!!! Meet Gingersnap ( age 800) , Grand Pa( 1000) and still loves a beer, MoonStar (still young at 500)


Hazel said...

I love them.
I make polyclay gnomes and such.
I really like them.
I would love to make a little fairie home. . but I have 3 men in the family. . they would think it was a dumb idea.

Hazel said...

I don't have any caves, but I think that some of these guys live in the wood pile behind my house.

kris hurst said...

OMGosh I love these -they have so much personality!!! You are a true talent -Kris

Cheryl said...

What appropriate names. Love these.