Sunday, January 13, 2008

DEVIL MAN / Vintage Heart Valentine Swap

Will for so reason or another( I guess me) I couldn't get all the picture to unload the last time. So here is the other one and he does have some glitter on him he has to look good!. I just did a swap for Vintage Valentine Heart Swap my partner is Michelle Cumming she likes what I like what a sweetie. I have herValentine package ready to mail. After she gets it I will be it up on my blog. Just one thing I will tell, I felt like I was back in school . All the glitter and when I was putting on the final touches was everywhere.I was trying to get it back in the bottle when the tissue paper I had it on got a hole. It was all over the bed and I was trying to get it up before my husband came in to go to bed. Will when he got up the next day no Glitter . Just hope she likes likes it.


1 comment:

Leigh Ann said...

What an adorable piece. I'm sure she will LOVE him! Anything with glitter wins in my book!

Cheers! LA