Thursday, January 31, 2008


Don't forget about Lisa one world event at where you can meet new friends and win a gift from each blog. I will have 3 gifts to give away,and I can't get the blog to put up the pictures .
I'll had some many visiters so I guess I better tell them what I'm giving away. You never know they might not like them. A big VALENTINE HEART with some vintage small cards, and a Vintage Heart mold small , glue together , lots of glitter, and a small hanging Valentine note card . Hope everyone likes them. A big snow strom just started here in IN. We won't be able to get out of the drive tomorrow .And electric might be out just have to waitWe have a four wheel drive but on ice sometime it can be trickie.Will the boys will love be out of school so they can be pull in there sled. Not by me I'm staying in where it warm. I no fool, and maybe my kids would say now are you sure??????

I'm still going in the hosptial Monday but I will be back to draw the names. They have change the time on me to 10:30 instead of noon and I 'm glad to get it over with . GOOD LUCK to everyone who has sign up .


altered melissa said...

thanks fro stopping by and signing up!!~ Add my name to your hat!

Morgan Leigh said...

Hi! My name's Morgan, I'm your Valentine's Day Swapper. From Island Life's Valentine's Day Swap. :) My email is Is there anything you would like? I have a couple of things already but is there anything you would like? :) Send me an email and let me know. The only thing I ask is you don't send me any food. I'm on a diet, LOL. :) Let me know, though. :)

Shirley McCutcheon said...

I would love to win!
thanks for stopping by my blog.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I also shorten my name to "Debb". I've never known another Deborah to use 2 b's...I thought I was the only one! Nice to meet another!

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