Friday, February 08, 2008


I like to Thank everyone who stop by the blog .It was a great turn out and hope to do it again next year if Lisa has it. The witch hat magical throw out three name

1.Dolly,My Cherry Heart

2Michelle ,Back Through Time

3 Susan Days too Short

I need your address so I can get this in the mail. It been fun . Love you Debb


Back Through Time said...

Wow how exciting!! Congrats to all the winners!!

Susan said...

How exciting! First time for winning something! Thank you!

barbara burkard said...

hi!!! got your address so i'll put it in the mail tommorrow!


Michelle said...

congrat's everyone!

kathy said...

Debb , so glad to hear everything is a o.k. --- I have finally found the crazy doll pictures so will try to upload soon -- Oh your pink tree is adorable. Lucky you !!!
Happy Birthday !!! Kathy -- GA