Friday, September 28, 2007


I'll been looking on eBay at vintage Halloween pieces and the prices people are paying for pumpkins and cat's that are in bad shape. I was reading in Country Home about collecting , and about fake or find vintage Halloween. Antiquing expert Kathryn Precourt tells how to know if a Halloween piece is truly vintage. She said also buy from a reputable dealer .That Halloween collectibles were used and rarely kept,so be wary. She list reputable fraudulent eBay dealers on the web. Here is a good site by Mark Ledenback he tells who is fake or what . After reading his article I sure did learn and your never to old to learn .Here is his site .Another freebie too!!!!!!!!!!


vivian said...

Hi Debb, I was just going through the comments on my new blogsite and found you there! thanks so much for visiting me! I hope you will continue to.. I dont think many know I exist yet! I'm trying to make some connections here and am enjoying all these blog sites.. there are so many creative people out here!! so would you like to link blogs?

Kat Lees said...

Deb I absolutely love these halloween vintage cards. Thank you for sharing them with everyone.
Kat Lees