Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Easter Swaps

Will I have the last of my Easter swap ready to go out. And it's a good thing I had them done early .Poor little Dominic broke his arm at school and me and Tamilia went to the school I got Harrison ,she took Dominic to the hospital.They then told her that they couldn't fix it here in Bedford. Then we went to Bloomington to see a bone doctor, he said that the worst kind he could have . And then we went to Monroe Hospital where the put 3 pins in his elbow , he just so brave for a 7 yr. And he really didn't cry through all of this.I had to cut his shirt off him.I told him that I would buy a new shirt. We started out at noon and got home at 9:00 long day.He slept all the way home.Yes ,he went in as a out patient. They told him if he could left his head off the pillow he could go home. Boy did he ever left that head.Tomorrow another day see what goes on from here.


Susan said...

I sure hope the little guy is doing better.

Susan said...

You tell that little guy to stand up to that bully. He shouldnt take that and the teachers should be there watching. It shouldnt matter if his father is a cop or not.

sherry said...

Debb, I got my package today! Thanks for all the fun stuff! I love the ribbon, I will enjoy using it a lot. The girls will open their packages on Friday. I hope you like your basket, let me know when you get it.
I put pics on the blog at http://campsherry.typepad.com

Yvette said...

Poor baby! I hope he heels quickly.
I think he needs some ice cream to go along with the new shirt! :o)