Thursday, July 10, 2008

Harrison and Fairy Land

Harrison and I find the way into fairy land, in this big old tree but( beware).For beside the tree are eyes to guarded the way in. Harrison was just setting there when a fairy whispered in his ear "do you what to come in?Harrison slowly turn and said can Mom-Mom come with me .The fairy NO! She to big!!!!!!!! Now what did the mean by that sure I put on few pounds here and there.Just wait I take Beatrice back there .She make them let me in right Beatrice ? Beatrice what you say? Your laughing so hard your going to fall out of your chair.Will I guess I won't be taking her she can't quite laughing. Bad Beatrice bad,bad.You know I say that alot to her, but she seem to like it. Now back to the fairy's and Harrison he told then Thank you but he came another day may be when his brother was with him. And they said they be waiting for him to return. So now we have another trip to make back to the old tree. Till then see you.
love Debb and Harrison


Sandy Michelle said...

Wow! Wish I had encountered a fairy too! Great pix!


Susan said...

Would love to meet a fairy. What a great tree.