Sunday, October 14, 2007

I been Tagged

I been tagged by vivian at : Now I have to Tag 7 people with blogs. Rules to follow for the tag. 1 ) link to your tagger and post rules
2) Share 7 facts about yourself some random some weird.
3)Tag 7 people at the end of your post.And list there names and links to there blogs. Let them know you have tag them by leaving a message on there blog.

7 Random things about me.
1 I love Halloween, Christmas and Easter.
2)I have around 200 More or less of Santa's every where. and some I kept out all year.
3)My daughter said I'm a pack RAT. Yes I'm
4) I love swaps and more swaps
5)Love living in the country was never really a city girl.
6)I love animals guess that why I love the country
7) I love sterling silver jewelry .charms, bracelets.

O. K. I guess I'm done but I guess I'm just Little bit weird!!!! Now for the 7 people to tag. Sorry about this don't really know to many blogs so I pick on you.

1 ) Jan Demetrails

2) Bear

3) Debra Schoch

4) Sherry Goshon

5) Kat Lee

6) Jacque

7) Michelle Munzone

Done I did know 7 people will maybe not after this. I hope you play and have fun, fun ,fun,

Now off to there blog on my Broom to let them know that there it and have been TAGGED



Sherry Goshon ODACA said...

Sorry I didn't do the tag...but I still love you teehee

jandee said...

With my recent move from Illinois to NC and am even more recent death in the family ( Long bout with cancer) I have been off in space..I thank you for the honor...Love your blog..Heres to a special creative year for you and yours nd I promise to be more in to it next time around Hugs JANDEE

vivian said...

im glad you played the tag game! Its always fun to hear some random things about people! we all like talking about ourselves or we wouldnt have these blogs!
anyways.. I'm glad you joined the snowman swap! should be great fun!
pass on the info lets see how many we can get to play!