Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Harrison and Dominic wanted to go for a RV ride so the got soME of there friends to go. And as you can see there kind of scarily. They told them they take them to a places they never been. And of course they both wanted to go to Halloween town. So off they went, at first they were on the ground , and then up, up, up in the air they went . They look down at us and we seem to be little tiny ants. They were having so much fun when the ran into a witch. If you look close you can see her. They didn't even stop for her . They just said hold on, boy that a monster for you? There Halloween town let fly down , boy they were very surprise to see all of the people .There were Pumpkin people , ghost ,werewolf, giants you name it they were there . They first stop at the store to pick up some items. Let see I have that bottle of werewolf power it for flees. And give me 3 bottles of frog legs, good for an upset stomach. And I have some hair balls there for my cat. Here kitty kitty , his cat was as big as a house. I was for sure it was going to eat us. OK lets go to a party, you don't have to dress up, you can go as you are that scarcely eventful. So off they went .There were about a 100 or more monster there, they did the monster mash, and I want to drink your blood dance. They played pin the face on the mummy, by now it was getting late and they needed to get home but they couldn't find the RV. Some one had taken it. and if the didn't get out of there by 12:00 they had to stay for a hundred years . Dominic goes I don't to stay I'm just 6 yrs old let find it. So the started the search through the woods the went, under a big willow tree. They stood and heard the willow say go to the dark cave and search. But they were to scared to go . But the needed to find the RV OK I go first said Harrison and off he went when they came to the cave it was very very dark. Where our flash lights and Dominic said right here and they lite up by there self. Boy I wish they do that at home . So they started in the cave and bats were flying over there heads . Look out here they come again. So they started running and they ran right into the RV. now how do we get it out of here ?And one of the monster said you need a witch. just a minute and I go caught one for you. The boys sat there and it seem like hours but it was just about a minute or two. When he came back he had Broom Zola and it was 15 till midnight hurry get it out of here so we can go home. And the witch said but wouldn't you pretty little boys like to live with me ?I cook you in my dinner, I mean I cook dinner for you. No just get us out. She said OK your not fat eventful for me. So she pop it out, they got home at a minute to mid night . They told there mom_mom to sell that old RV they were never going to ride in it again.
Will as you can see I'm not that good of a writer but the boys love it. LOVE MOM_MOM

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