Thursday, October 23, 2008

How to Counteract a spell
There nothing worse than being coursed !Here are afew simple ways to countact a nasty spell,even if you're the one who's been bewitched.
1) Place a penny in your pillow case,add a piece of birch and a sprig of willow. Recite the following charm for a week each night before you go to bed and the curse will be disappear:
A lucky penny in my pillow,
A piece of birch bark and some willow.
I give these gifts to you my friend,
So that this curse on me may end.

2)With adult supervision ,take a wax figure of the witch or wizard who cast the spell and melt it in a pot.Dig a hole in the dirt at least two feet deep and pour in hot wax. Bury it there and cover the fresh earth with mint and sage.

3)If you are fortunate enough to be there when the curse is cast upon you, extend one arm , spead all five fingers in front of your enemy's face and shout, "REVERSE THE CURSE!" The spell will bounce right off your hand and back onto the one who perfoformed it.


This delicious fruity drink will give you a magical boost on those cold winter nights. While the caldron can be substituted with a regular pot , you may find the brew loses some of it;s potency. For a little extra zip, add a few drops of moon water just before serving.

3 cups apple cider ,1 cupcranberry juicie ,1 stick cinnamon, 1 tsp. whole cloves 1 tlbsp.honey
1) Put all ingredients in a small caublronon the stove.

2)Heat well ,but do not boil.

3)Strain out cloves and cinnamon stick.

4) Serve hot in mugs,(Goes very well with ginger ghost.)