Tuesday, October 28, 2008

LoVe Spell

Need a spell for love ???? Then here a spell that will bring the object of your affection right in your front door :
When the first snowfall of winter comes , build two snowmen in your yard or a near by park.Make one in your image and the other in the image of the one whose heart you hope to capture.Each snowman must wear something that belongs to the person they represent.Sweeten the spot where the heart of each snowman should be with a little sugar and make sure that they are touching. Then light a votive candle ( but don't leave the candle unattended )Recite this charm:

By this candle that i light
Let my true lovenowtake flight
Lead my loveon a magical tour
Ending outside my front door

By the timeyour candle completely burned out,your beloved will have knocked upon your door.

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Ever Smith said...

Fantastic blog.I really enjoy to read.