Monday, November 17, 2008

Christmas Question, Guess ????????

Here a question just for fun see if you know the answer ?

What country was the first Christmas postage stamp created?





Answer to follow in next post.

I having a Christmas give away now till Dec.6 leave a commit and will draw on the 6.
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Anonymous said...

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Linda Kay said...

Thank You for the wonderful vintage cards...
I deon't know who for sure but England seems the most likely to me!
Linda Kay

softinthehead said...

I believe the first stamp was from Canada and it had a bear on it or something to do with bears....Thanks for the invite...Pam

Melissa said...

C) Canada if you are going by postage stamps created to commemorate the date but not necessarily themed for Christmas. Austria also had some with the same problem…called Christmas stamps but not themed for Christmas. Otherwise the actual stamp made for Christmas with a picture depicting something relating to Christmas would be from Hungary many years later. A bit of a philatelist here.

vivian said...

hi DEbb, I dont have a clue.. I think I would guess the usa.. so whats the answer???