Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Question & Card

I'll have added to the pot vintage buttons,now just need something to put them in a small box .I know it here under all this mess.

New question -How many gifts would you receive if you counted all gifts in the song
"The 12 days of Christmas :

a) 364




Remember this is just for fun!!!!And the drawing is Dec 6 , So enter to win.

Did you think I forgot to give you the answer to the question? Melissa got it right plus some more information on two other country postage stamps.

Drum roll ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Austria that all folks


Carla said...

Can't believe I'm the first to answer! 364 would be my answer.

JudiA said...

I can't believe I needed a calculator this early in the morning, LOL! 364 is my answer too Debb.

Back Through Time said...

364 is my guess too, guess I will join the majority, lol.
Hope you are keeping warm!

Lola Enchanted said...

I actually had to get out the calculator! What was school for again?!! hahaha.. I'm going to say 364..

This was fun!!!!

Anonymous said...

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