Thursday, January 08, 2009

Jan . Birthdays

Jan .is full of birthday's ,today would have been my mother birthday .Her and Elvis shared the same birthday.Mom would have been 78 today. She died of oat cell cancer cause from smoking.
And the cute boy above one of my grandsons ,the picture was taken at Christmas .His birthday is the 20Th of this month.When my daughter went in labor I ask her to hold off till the 21 ,because that is my birthday. But No she had him on one my friend birthday.That OK, he tells me all the time that he a day older then me. He needed cloths he growing like a weed.Now at that age they don't want cloths ,but he loves clothes .He has to look good for the girls. He be 8 and he already up to my shoulder . He going to be a very tall young man soon.
My grandson Keegan he lives in Ca. his birthday is next month the same day as my youngest son. Keegan some day we will see each other and you know I love you and Kaylee very much.
I'm going to stop now before I start to cry we don't get to see the grandchild's in Ca.

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