Monday, December 10, 2007

9 Days till the CHRISTMAS PARTY

Will there 9 days till the party starts , and I'm went over the 100 post I'm at 103. Boy I didn't ever think I could do this , I guess I just full of a lot of Hot Air ~~~~~~~~~~Will Tuesday night both boys have a Christmas program at school then Thursday I go to school to help Harrison make a gingerbread house .This should be fun , AM & Pm kindergartner class 44 child's in all and there partner's. I had plan to decorate the house real good but my husband said he was going to start on the kitchen .He be off about 2 wk were putting in a new floor just half already put a wooden floor on one half but he whats tile on the other half by the stove. Good thing my son lays tile or it would cost an arm & leg. Pushing a wall back about a foot to give me more room .

I have a 77 kitchen with no room. HATE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh Well I complain even .I will get with everyone over the week -end to make sure there still coming to the party.

Love you all for having a party with me. Thanks Debb

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