Monday, December 17, 2007


Today is my daughter birthday , her boys have planned her a little party.They made her tags for her gifts,WE wrap her gifts last night and they took them home. She ask Dominic when can I open my gifts . And of course he said isn't your birthday yet. You get to open on your birthday. I told her that pay back because she said you can't open your Christmas till Christmas day.Harrison had seen this little night I had got tamilia it's a snowman and it old.My goodwill shopping again,He said that mine put it in my stocking for Christmas. Boy is a boss's little boy. And I told him that he laugh. And said i still want the night light.I have to go to town and get a cake and a bag for the gifts I got her. She hates her birthday gifts wrap i in christmas paper.
Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday Dear TAMILIA Happy Birthday to you. And many more!!! Boy do I sing good or what.
This is the way to sing no one can hear you Ha! Ha!!!!!!!!!

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