Thursday, December 27, 2007


Will I over at my daughters baby sitting and so I thought I just say Hello to everyone and hope that you had a nice Christmas. The boys had a great Christmas and I hope Keegan and Kaylee had a nice Christmas we LOVE YOU two. Just think the new year is almost here and we get to start all over again. oh boy!!!!!! Will I have things I need to exchange for my husband and son, and I hate going to do it. Oh will I off to fight the crowd.

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Blumoonl said...

Hi, Deb, I'm glad you had a nice Christmas and got to see your grandkids for a while. My Christmas was nice also, and my husband sent away and presented me of your ceations, Veggie Boy. He is adorable, sitting up on my book shelf so my cat won't knock him down. We stayed in town and didn't try to go see our kids and family in Eastern Washington, as the roads across the mountains were really bad. But we spent the day with friends and the went out for a nice dinner in a lovely restaurant for Christmas Eve.
So Happy New Year, hope 2008 brings you continued success and joy!